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It just *kills* me

Posted in Books by voteforjaneausten on March 13, 2009

I just finished Dexter. I love the feeling I get after reading a good book — a sort of sleepy, happy feeling. Books are my drugs, I suppose. 😉 I wouldn’t want to spoil anything but I would recommend this book for sure, as long as you can handle gruesome details. The first book had a few details here and there about what Dexter was doing to his victims, but this one has a lot of details about another serial killer who does quite unthinkable things to his victims. It was quite disturbing.

I am not sure how it is possible, but I still sort of love and like Dexter even as he is admiring the technique and skill and “sense of humor” of the other serial killer. Good character, I guess. I’m anxious to see if the TV show takes on this rather radical twist. I’m not sure it would work on TV with a mass audience the same way as it works in the book. Anxious to start the next one though! I wonder if there are more books to come . . . I sure hope so!


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