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Posted in Books by voteforjaneausten on April 23, 2009

Wasn’t sure which one to post this in! So here it is in the book blog too!

Today I ordered three cookbooks from Paperback Swap. I love that site. I can satiate my desire for books and also not spend any money! It is awesome. The wait stinks, but other than that it is all good. I got a few “healthy” cook books because I have been craving some lighter food — which is usual for me as the weather warms (I always crave heavy fatty foods in the winter….)

I ordered The Organic Gourmet: Feast of Fields, Healthy Eating: Chicken (Cole’s Home Library Cookbooks), and Family Circle Step by Step: Healthy Eating (Step-by-step Series).

I think they should be good. 🙂

So hopefully they get here soon and I can test them out! I’m also trying to save a little money on food and not eat out so I think if I can spice things up at home it will be better. I think I’m going to do the SlimFast thing so that I have a regular breakfast (cereal usually) and then a slimfast and snack for lunch and then a real meal for dinner. It is the only logical way I can make it through my stressful day. I simply do not have the energy to come home and make a whole thing for lunch so I think some of these recipies will be good for the dinners. One is an all healthy chicken recipe book, so I think that will be intersting! We’ll see how it goes when they get here!!

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