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The Shack (spoiler free)

Posted in Books by voteforjaneausten on September 12, 2010

Paul Young had even critics laughing throughout much of his speech yesterday at First United Methodist Church in Seattle. Young, who wrote “The Shack” under his given name William Paul Young, was in Seattle to speak with another one of my favorite writers on religion Jim Henderson. Henderson runs a site called Off the Map, which talks about the modern Christian and church. My best understanding is that Henderson believes that evangelism shouldn’t be so much a speech or trying to convince people of anything but more of treating people kindly and with love. I think regardless of anything I agree or disagree on theology or methods, I really appreciate this thought.

The Shack

William Paul Young's The Shack

The speech was moving and Young seems to be one of those “breath of fresh air” people. I’ll probably do a couple of posts on his talk because there were several interestig points. I’ll file those under my book blog, and those WILL contain spoilers. Though, honestly, I don’t think knowing any details of the story would take away from the reading of it. The biggest shocker is already out there and people talking about it.

The speech was followed by a Q&R (he said only Americans have answers… Canadians give responses.) There were between 30 and 40 people there and the sanctuary was far smaller than I was expecting — I guess I’m used to Texas-sized sanctuaries.

The woman who sat next to me was from the area and attends the church of one of Young’s biggest critics. She hadn’t actually read the book but wanted to hear what he had to say. I think she probably won’t read the book by her reaction, but more on that later. Anything you’re curious about the book? I can’t say the Q&R was comprehensive, but he answered all the questions I had, so check out Paige of the Book and leave the question in the comments section. I’ll either answer there or if I get a lot of questions I’ll answer in a post later. Look for maybe three Shack-related blogs in the next few days.


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