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Posted in Top 10 by voteforjaneausten on March 31, 2011

In some ways moving back to Amarillo is very exciting. I’ve always been a huge advocate of people who have fun will have fun wherever they are and people who are boring will be bored wherever they go. So, all that to say I think I will have plenty of awesome things to do. There is a downside though.

So here first, the top 10 things I am excited about going back to the Panhandle:

1. Family. Although I’m not the type that has the need to always live in close proximity to my family, it will be awesome to be close to (some) of my family for a while. Christmas is hardly Christmas without my relatives embarrassing me with stories I’ll refrain from repeating.

2. Moving somewhere I already have friends. It always takes me a long time to open up enough to make real friends. As in more than two years usually. For this reason I hate moving and hate change (like graduations.) But this time it is exciting because I’m moving somewhere I already have friends to hang out with and a support system in place! It won’t be as painful as usual!

3. Networking. My friends at the Amarillo Globe-News had a small joke that if they needed a source I would have a family member or friend that would fit the bill– and usually it was true! I know so many people. It makes things like looking for a job, or resource or anything much, much easier!

4. Thunderstorms. Although Washington gets a lot of rain, thunderstorms are almost unheard of. There is something magical about lightening and thunder and the pouring rain. I miss it!

5. The sunsets. The flat landscape mixed with the heat provides amazing sunsets. Because the sun often sets behind the mountains here, I have had only a handful of awesome sunsets since moving to Washington.

6. Palo Duro Canyon. I have only gone camping a dozen or so times, but I like it. I haven’t had the courage to go here. The rain mixed with the pretty cool nights (even in the summer) have kept me from doing that outdoorsy stuff in Washington although I have done plenty of hiking.

7. A town that is easier to walk/ride bikes. The hills in Seattle/Port Angeles make for quite a workout. It is also hard to teach myself to run when there are huge hills everywhere. Canyon should be a good starting place!

8. Barbecue/ Mexican food. Nowhere knows how to do these dishes like Texas!

9. Good economy/lower cost of living. I’m always amazed at the construction and expansion in the Panhandle when I’m back to visit. I forget how bad the economy is elsewhere until I see how good it is there.

10. A break from Twilight. I have loved covering the phenomenon. It has been fun. But it will be awesome to be somewhere that I am not covering/constantly thinking of Twilight angles.

Annnd the things I’m not looking forward to!

1. The flat and dry and windy. Yes, the landscape of the North Olympic Peninsula is seductive. I will miss the opportunity to live by a rainforest, the ocean and mountains. Trading it in for the dust seems impossible.

2. The heat. I love the mild weather in Washington.

3. Hail/tornadoes. The natural disasters are never fun, no matter where you are.

4. The lack of local fruits and veggies. It really isn’t the fault of the Panhandle, it is pretty hard to grow some stuff. But I always hated fruits and veggies until I moved here and was able to purchase the amazing produce available here.

5. The lack of single guys. I have a similar problem in Port Angeles. Here it is because the average age is a senior citizen. In Amarillo, everyone seems to get married at 21, so I always had trouble finding single guys to date. Though since I hope to move out of the Panhandle again someday, maybe that isn’t such a big deal. I wouldn’t want to settle down too soon! (haha is 30 too early?)

6. I’ve been there, done that. I am feeling ready for a new adventure. And I’m a little afraid of the saying, “you can’t go home again.”

7. The temptation to be lazy. With super hot summers and super cold winters, it is easy to be lazy and gain weight. Also, Washington is full of very lean vegetarians. It definitely influences my diet!

8. No easily accessible hiking. I wouldn’t say I go every weekend, but I could go practically every day if I wanted here. I guess I could go for a “hike” at the park. . . but just not the same as the awesome trails in Washington.

9. Returning to high school. I love my friends in Texas. I do. But sometimes I feel like I’m back in high school when I’m there. I feel like I’m still on the outside looking in on the “cool kids” and am that socially awkward teenager who feels inadequate.

10. The “black hole.” It seems like people from the Panhandle sometimes get sucked back in and never leave. I am looking forward to a life of adventure in many other places and am terrified of getting sucked into the comfort of living somewhere around people that I love so much.

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