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Quoting the quoters

Posted in Top 10 by voteforjaneausten on April 1, 2011

I spend my day collecting quotes. I also spend my day in a room full of creative and witty people. That results in many interesting quips. I haven’t been as diligent collecting newsroom quotes in Port Angeles (sorry PDN co-workers!) as I was in Amarillo, but I do have quite a few. Here are some of my favorites from other people followed by my five favorites from myself. (As always in no particular order)  Originally I had planned five from other people but I had to increase to 10 because there are just too many gems!

1. “I always wondered what it would be like to be a regular, ordinary person and get a call from the newspaper.”

2. “I used to be able to intuitively know commas and other grammar things.” — me
“You have to sense the grammar. You have to feel it. It’s like the Force.” — sports reporter
“So my Force is grammar? I must feel it?” — me
“Yes, may the grammar Force be with you.” — sports reporter

3.”Amarillo — A good place to raise kids.” — features reporter
“Bad place to figure out how to make any.” — business editor

4. “Now you don’t know she is a hooker. She is an alleged hooker.” — reporter

5. “Give me a good quote that’s not so inflammatory.” — reporter during a phone interview

6. “How are you with a balance sheet?” — reporter 1 to reporter 2 on reporter 2’s first day as a business reporter.
“A balance sheet?” — reporter 2

7. “Michael, did you SHOOT that WOMAN??” — reporter to photographer

8. “I just wanted to demonstrate my mongoose-like speed.” copy editor on why he stole sports reporter’s candy

9. ” Is ‘school’ one syllable or two? It seems too long to be one syllable.” — reporter

10. “Here I am about to look like an idiot. But that’s part of my job.” — reporter


Annnd the most awesomest quotes from yours truly:

1. “I haven’t found any sources worth dating. Especially when I was working cops.” (referring to the criminals. . . )

2. “I cover sex and nuns.” (after writing multiple stories about teen pregnancy, STDs and three nun stories in a week.)

3.”Oh, I would wear that. . . If I didn’t have a job.”

4. “People get weird about the weirdest things.”

5. “Semi-weekly! Yeah! That’s the word I’ve been trying to think of for years!”


And just for a bonus another nun conversation between Brad N. and I. (You would be surprised how often nuns come up when you are a faith reporter.)

“What are [the nuns] doing playing basketball?!?” — Brad Newman
“What are YOU gonna do if you can’t even leave your house without permission from the bishop?!?” — Me defending the cloistered nuns.



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