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Paige Gobin Dickerson
Paige Dickerson
I have been a passionate reader and writer since around first grade. I love a great story in any form (book, movie, TV, etc.) Someday I aspire to write a novel. After writing several and trashing them and starting on several and stumbling I’m working my way through discovering my own voice.

My career as a reporter began at the Amarillo Globe-News in 2004 when I was an intern. After graduating from Midwestern State University with an honors English degree (minor in journalism), I worked at the paper as well. After a year and a half I moved up to the Northwest to work at the Peninsula Daily News where I was the official reporter for the city of Forks (yes, the same one as in Twilight.)  I currently work at Caprock Auctions in Amarillo doing marketing. I’ve committed this year to discovering my true career, spending time with my family, researching my genealogy, spending quality time with friends and writing.

If you wish to contact me you may leave a comment, and I’ll get back to you soon!


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