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Quoting the quoters

Posted in Top 10 by voteforjaneausten on April 1, 2011

I spend my day collecting quotes. I also spend my day in a room full of creative and witty people. That results in many interesting quips. I haven’t been as diligent collecting newsroom quotes in Port Angeles (sorry PDN co-workers!) as I was in Amarillo, but I do have quite a few. Here are some of my favorites from other people followed by my five favorites from myself. (As always in no particular order)  Originally I had planned five from other people but I had to increase to 10 because there are just too many gems! (more…)


Amarillo by Mornin’

Posted in Top 10 by voteforjaneausten on March 31, 2011

In some ways moving back to Amarillo is very exciting. I’ve always been a huge advocate of people who have fun will have fun wherever they are and people who are boring will be bored wherever they go. So, all that to say I think I will have plenty of awesome things to do. There is a downside though.

So here first, the top 10 things I am excited about going back to the Panhandle: (more…)

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10 things not to miss

Posted in Top 10 by voteforjaneausten on March 29, 2011

Yesterday I posted the 10 things I will miss about journalism. All in all I will miss being in journalism. It is a fun career and many former journalists return eventually (perhaps I will, too, who knows.) They talk of being seduced by the pen. It is easy to see why. It is exciting and fun, but like any other job it does have its issues. Today I am following up with the 10 things I will not miss!

So here are the top 10 things I won’t miss:


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Goodbye, journalism

Posted in Top 10 by voteforjaneausten on March 28, 2011

Today I handed in my resignation from the Peninsula Daily News. It has been four years since I started and will be about 4 1/2 by the time I’m gone. My last official day will be May 20. After that I will head back to Texas. I’ll be spending some time at my parents’ house while I apply and get ready for graduate school. I have several options for graduate school and am still deciding which one to take up.

I am excited for my future job prospects, but there are a few things I’ll miss about  journalism.

So, without further ado, here are 10 of the things I’ll miss about being in journalism (in no particular order.) (more…)

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